February 17, 2008

Two cool things that I have learnt in the past week

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Firstly I have learnt that the Hollywood writers strike is over. This means that Heroes, my favourite series since the x files, will be back on TV. Unfortunately, I dont think it is going to hit tv here in the UK until well into 2009, but at least I know it is on it’s way. I love Heroes.

Secondly, I have learnt some important business lessons this week. Tuesday evening I saw two new clients at The Olive Tree and I learnt that the hypnotherapy that I am offering them is really starting to make an impact. They have, so far, booked clients to see me to well into March. Anyway, the business lessons that I have learnt are to network with other business people in your niche (in my case psychotherapists/counselors) because this really gets you known, especially if you are having some success. Secondly, know what your unique selling point is, and use this to sell yourself. I now know what mine is, and I fully intend to exploit it. I have since redesigned my Handcross Hypnotherapy website and I am in the process of designing some business cards. This means that I am well on the way to completing two of my new years resolutions.

I wonder how many other people are getting on with their 2008 goals?

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