March 9, 2009

Quick Think Visibility Recap

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I’ve wanted to go to a conference for a little while now, although the nearest one (a4u expo) seemed a bit too much. When I signed up for thinkvisibility, I knew I was getting a bargain – I mean, £30 for a day of talks and networking is a no brainer.

June 3, 2008


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Coming soon…. a way to integrate phpbay pro into any site (including drupal, joomla and other content management sites) with AuctionAds/ShoppingAds formatting, but with more flexible search options for the ads.

February 17, 2008

Two cool things that I have learnt in the past week

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Firstly I have learnt that the Hollywood writers strike is over. This means that Heroes, my favourite series since the x files, will be back on TV. Unfortunately, I dont think it is going to hit tv here in the UK until well into 2009, but at least I know it is on it’s way. I love Heroes.

Secondly, I have learnt some important business lessons this week. Tuesday evening I saw two new clients at The Olive Tree and I learnt that the hypnotherapy that I am offering them is really starting to make an impact. They have, so far, booked clients to see me to well into March. Anyway, the business lessons that I have learnt are to network with other business people in your niche (in my case psychotherapists/counselors) because this really gets you known, especially if you are having some success. Secondly, know what your unique selling point is, and use this to sell yourself. I now know what mine is, and I fully intend to exploit it. I have since redesigned my Handcross Hypnotherapy website and I am in the process of designing some business cards. This means that I am well on the way to completing two of my new years resolutions.

I wonder how many other people are getting on with their 2008 goals?

January 31, 2008

Italian car garage

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Italian sports carGot a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati or Lancia? Need or want one? Whatever your story is, if want to maintain your baby, or perhaps find a previously owned Italian sports car to call your own, then Italian car garage is the perfect website for you to visit. These icons of the Italian outdoors have long been beloved by those that know, “you are what you drive.” Italian sports car drivers are enigmatic, yet energetic, and they also don’t take any ****. They epitomize the individualism so crucial to Italian culture. With names like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia, its easy to see the correlation. But because these powerful machines are not driven by the masses, it is sometimes difficult to find what you need to maintain your Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati or Lancia. That’s where Italian Car Garage comes in.

They have a robust selection of parts and accessories for Italian sports car enthusiasts. A transparent navigation and site mission lets you browse the site and easily find what you need, namely, parts for your car. Each model has different needs. And Italian car garage understands this and has made it easy to find the part you need. Click the model and then click the area of concern. You will quickly find what it is you need to get back on the road again.

If you are like me, you have yet to experience the wonders of owning your very own Jeep. Luckily, the guys at Italian car garage have put together a very well organized index of sales including pictures of used cars. The prices are fair and I must say, the pictures are great. Some are on for auction, while others are for sale at a set price. I’m telling you, once you start browsing through the pics of all these fantastic cars, you desire for an Italian sports car will not abate until the keys are in your hands. For more information about this site, please visit

January 24, 2008

Taxidermy site project

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One of my more recent projects is a taxidermy site. Taxidermy is, of course, the art of mounting or reproducing animals for display. The site is doing surprisingly well, since I have got off to a good start with the link building, something I have not been very good at in the past, but it obviously pays off to do it well.

Interestingly, although not completely surprisingly, Derren Brown has an interest in taxidermy. His book “Pure Effect” contains a picture of him sitting with a stuffed cat, which I always used to think was his pet.

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