February 17, 2008

Two cool things that I have learnt in the past week

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Firstly I have learnt that the Hollywood writers strike is over. This means that Heroes, my favourite series since the x files, will be back on TV. Unfortunately, I dont think it is going to hit tv here in the UK until well into 2009, but at least I know it is on it’s way. I love Heroes.

Secondly, I have learnt some important business lessons this week. Tuesday evening I saw two new clients at The Olive Tree and I learnt that the hypnotherapy that I am offering them is really starting to make an impact. They have, so far, booked clients to see me to well into March. Anyway, the business lessons that I have learnt are to network with other business people in your niche (in my case psychotherapists/counselors) because this really gets you known, especially if you are having some success. Secondly, know what your unique selling point is, and use this to sell yourself. I now know what mine is, and I fully intend to exploit it. I have since redesigned my Handcross Hypnotherapy website and I am in the process of designing some business cards. This means that I am well on the way to completing two of my new years resolutions.

I wonder how many other people are getting on with their 2008 goals?

January 2, 2008

Hypnosis in surgery

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I’ve just found this video on google, and it’s quite incredible. So many people think that hypnosis is a load of crap, but I think that this video will begin to change their minds. Hypnosis has been used for medical purposes for decades. The video shows a hernea operation being performed with no chemical anesthesia at all.


I’ll probably update this post after I’ve watched the video agai. My initial thoughts are that the patient was a very hypnotic subject – not everyone will respond in this way to the directive suggestions that were being given. However, the hypnotherapist was extremely congruent with his language, and alot of trust must have been built during the sessions before the operation.

I’m really pleased to see hypnosis being portayed in a serious light by the media 🙂

December 4, 2007

Is that really me?

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Yes, I’m sorry it really is… I just wanted to make a quick blog about a jam packed weekend several weeks ago that included a 70’s themed party to celebrate Sally’s 30th birthday party. It was so cool to meet up with old college/uni friends again. Congrats must goto Phil and Anjali on their upcoming partenthood thang which they announced at the party.

I would have made much more of an effort of dressing up for the weekend, however I was attending a course in indirect hypnosis given by the one and only Steve Brooks. For those of you not in the know, Steve Brooks is the only hypnosis trainer from the UK to be trained by the legendary therapists Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. Steve Brooks is, to me, one of the few people that I can honestly say is one of my heros. His work with hypnosis is incredible. Even though I got the two weekend seminar for free (it usually costs £500), it is incredible value for money. I got so much from it, and have already started using some of the techniques on my clients.

The class size for the seminars was great – it can’t have been more the 25 people which meant that we all got to ask our fair share of questions. Check out these websites that Steve runs: Indirect Hypnosis and British Hypnosis Research

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