March 11, 2022

postTargetProcess not being called on child entities in a composite entity

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If you have ever done any testing and development with data entities you may have noticed that the static method postTargetProcess() does not get called for child entities in a composite data entity. For a recent project I needed this method to be called on the SalesOrderHeaderChargeV2Entity and SalesOrderLineV2Entity when data is imported using the SalesOrdersV3 composite data entity is used to import sales orders.


December 14, 2010

WordPress autoblogging plugin

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So, further to my previous post I now have a fully functioning autoblogging plugin for wordpress based on all of requirements of using cron jobs and other bits.

It wasnt as easy as I initially thought it would be as I’ve had to pretty much touch every line of code in the software – I wonder if it would have been easier to write the plugin from scratch. Anyway if you want to try it out I am looking for beta testers for this software which I have named Expresso Content. Feel free to sign up and get this plugin for free – this offer wont last long.


March 15, 2009

WordPress hotlink prevention plugin

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One of the things that I got from Think Visibility was Patrick Altoft‘s idea of getting links back to a blog by using a bit of javascript that presents links to a user when they right click on an image – right click on the image below for a demonstration.

Reliant Robin on fire

Reliant Robin on fire


September 10, 2007

Another rewrite for my Lonely Hearts Column dating site

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It’s time for my 6 monthly rewrite for my dating site. I feel I’ve really gone to town this time 🙂 Not only have I flattened loads of bugs, I’ve redesigned the look and even gone to the expense of commisioning some artwork.

I’ve also rewritten loads of the database queries as I’m now using MySQL 4.1.x – my old host (yes I’ve changed hosting providers as well) was on 4.0.x and didn’t have any plans to upgrade when I asked them a few months back, so now I can use sub queries 🙂

Now all I need is a ton of traffic. Let me know what you think of my updated lonely hearts personals site

August 18, 2007

Converting from Serendipity to WordPress

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What a nightmare it is! There are no specific tools for this job. What you have to do is export all of the entries in RSS format (XML), and then import them into WordPress. There are two main problems with this; the first is that all html formating has to be redone which means editing each post; and secondly all of the URLs lose their numbers for the individual blog pages.

Fortunately I didn’t have that many blogs to convert over – just 60 or so. To convert, I imported the RSS feed from Serendipity into a copy of WordPress that was running on my local PC, tweaked the content so that any html worked properly, then I exported all of the blogs from my local WordPress and imported them into the live blog….. and voila!

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