September 25, 2006

Hectic Evening

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I’ve been to Sevenoaks this evening to do some demo recording with two of the members of “The Band With No Name”. I recorded parts for the James Taylor numbers; “Fire and rain”, “How sweet it is” and “You’ve got a friend”. The only slightly bothersome thing was that I had to use an unweighted keyboard without a sustain pedal….. still if it gets gigs, thats the main thing.

Next stop was Kate’s to help out with a singing lesson…. with another unweighted keyboard with no sustain pedal!! This keyboard had minute keys… If it wasnt raining quite as hard I would have brought my Yamaha S90 in to use… Maybe next time

May 7, 2006

Gig Report

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The band I play in now is such a world apart from the last band – I just can’t stop myself from dancing behind the keys!

Last nights gig was at “The Neville” in Hove. We’ve played there a couple of times now, but last night we seemed to have a better crowd than normal. Perhaps we are getting more noticed, I hope so. I could really do with a few more pennies.

Stuff that we played included Kiss (Tom Jones), Daniel (Elton John), Play that funky music (Black Cherry), Get Here (Oleta Adams), Sir Duke and Another Star (Stevie Wonder).

Thanks, as always, go to:

The band
People who cheered when my name was mentioned
Debbie (for making a surprise apperance)
People whose name begins with the letter ‘H’
Paris Hilton

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