January 2, 2008

Hypnosis in surgery

Filed under: Hypnosis — Joe Brewer @ 7:01 pm

I’ve just found this video on google, and it’s quite incredible. So many people think that hypnosis is a load of crap, but I think that this video will begin to change their minds. Hypnosis has been used for medical purposes for decades. The video shows a hernea operation being performed with no chemical anesthesia at all.


I’ll probably update this post after I’ve watched the video agai. My initial thoughts are that the patient was a very hypnotic subject – not everyone will respond in this way to the directive suggestions that were being given. However, the hypnotherapist was extremely congruent with his language, and alot of trust must have been built during the sessions before the operation.

I’m really pleased to see hypnosis being portayed in a serious light by the media 🙂

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