December 26, 2007

How to get private registration free for your new domains

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What is private registation?

When you register a domain, your personal details along with contact details for admin, technical and billing are stored in a global internet database. These details can be viewed by anyone by looking up their “whois” data at sites like If you private register your domains, your personal details will not show up in the whois database. Instead, anyone looking up details of a domain will be presented with a screen like this:

whois data

Normally this would cost $8.99 per year with domains by proxy.

Why should you private register your domains?

Private registration helps to reduce spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private.

So how do I get this for free? offer free private registration when you buy five or more new .COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME, .MOBI, .ORG or .WS domains.

The quickest way to regsiter the domains is to choose bulk registration from the domains menu. Either type the chosen domain names into the text box with the extension, or type them without the extension and check one of the check boxes to choose com, net, info or biz extensions. Type in the four digit access code and press GO.

bulk register domains

If the names are currently free, then you will be offered standard, deluxe or protected plans. Choose standard as this is the cheapest – the other plans include private registration which we will be getting this free anyway. Select the option to checkout and click on the orange continue button.

standard registration

The next screen is where you add private registration. By each domain name there is an option to select private registration:

choose private registration

Select Private for all of the domains in your cart and click on the orange “Update Cart” button. This will add several more lines to your order for the private registration – all of the lines will be at zero cost. You can now check out with your free private registration on your domain names.

Click on the graphic below and get your free private registration now!

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 125x125

October 6, 2007

affiliate link cloaker

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All affiliate marketers know the problem of commission theft – that is people altering the your url so that you don’t receive your commission from any sales. There are two kinds of theft – the thief can replace the affiliate id from a link with their own or remove it completely. Either way you lose out.This software allows affiliate marketers to cloak their affiliate links using either Mambo or Joomla! CMS to stop people from taking the commission themselves. Not only does this mambot turn the target url into unreadable rubbish like this:

h t t p : / / w w w . h y p n o s i s d o w n l o a d s . c o m ? 5 0 9

It also generates javascript so that the status bar doesn’t display the target url.

How to use:

1. Install the mambot in the usual way.

2. In the link that you want to cloak put the word affiliate. For example, with this link:

<a href=””>Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook</a>

change it to:

<a affiliate href=””>Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook</a>

or if you are using a WYSIWYG editor, change it to:

{mos_afflink href=””}Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook{/mos_afflink}

That’s all there is to it! It couldn’t be simpler.

If you want to make the text in the status bar change when the user puts their mouse over the link, use the “statustext” tag in the link. For example:

<a affiliate statustext=”Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook” href=””>Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook</a>

or if you are using a WYSIWYG editor:

{mos_afflink statustext=”Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook” href=””}Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook{/mos_afflink}

The Joomla! Mambot will then take care of the rest.

If you don’t run Joomla!, this product does an excellent job of creating cloaked links for your affiliate site: Affiliate Link Cloaker.

Incidentally, if you haven’t got Rosalind Gardeners excellent guide on affiliate marketing if definitely worth a read. Even though it is full of affiliate links, the products that she recommends are high quality, it is full of good advice, and she offers excellent after sales support. Her book starts from the very basics – from how to setup a website, to choosing the subjects to use and selecting the right companies to affiliate with. Buy her ebook here.

Download the new Joomla version (version 2) of my affiliate link cloaker mambot here. This version should work with all WYSIWYG editors.

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