March 9, 2009

Quick Think Visibility Recap

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I’ve wanted to go to a conference for a little while now, although the nearest one (a4u expo) seemed a bit too much. When I signed up for thinkvisibility, I knew I was getting a bargain – I mean, £30 for a day of talks and networking is a no brainer.

After getting on the train to Leeds, I realised that I had forgotten my laptop power supply, but I didn’t find it essential anyhow in each of the sessions.

It’s difficult to do real justice to these talks without giving away everything that was said. A few of the speakers have made their slides available on their blogs, however these are no substitute for attending the talks, and asking pretty much anything you wanted.

The main message I got was that there are no short cuts – get a few sites that you can write content about a subject that you are passionate about, and stick with it. I went primarily to find out how to generate more traffic to my site, and to learn about affiliate marketing. Luckily, only a few sessions that I wanted to see clashed. Here is a brief overview of each:

Dave Naylor and Patrick Altoft spoke about SEO – these presentations were mostly about what types of links were important for a site, and the sort of links that can kill a site… namely paid links and silver bullet sites.

Chris Garrett spoke about getting more traffic and readers to your blog. His slide for his 25 ways to get visibility to your blog can be found here.

Al Carlton and Kieron Donoghoe spoke about monitising traffic to their sites in various ways.

Must give a shout out to Dan Lynch from Linux Outlaws to say thanks for all of the Linux advice, and also to Al Carlton who gave me some great advice on getting content after completely thrashing me at Wii tennis. Last but not least, cudos to Dominic Hodgson who organised and ran the conference.

So, in conclusion:

Cost of conference – £30
Cost of travel and accomodation – £200
Getting tons of advice from industry experts – priceless

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